August 6, 2018 /

Justin & Janeth


I met Janeth, Justin & their son Jeremy last year working one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever shot.  There is something wonderful about shooting multiple wedding with the same community of folks. To be able to see the same people a year or two later, catching up with them and seeing how their lives have evolved is such an wonderful privilege of the job.

Things got started off at the Warwick Hotel in San Francisco. Janeth and her bridesmaids had their makeup done and shared some tender moments together. Justin and Jeremy had some boy time together. Justin told me about how he had to assure Jeremy that, it’s not just mommy and daddy getting married, it’s all three of them. Next stop was San Francisco City Hall, always a favorite. We made a quick stop in the woods and ended the night at San Pedro Square at Olla Cocina. It was a warm day with warm people.


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